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We want to leave you with a couple important reminders: Test your system per your contract so your equipment warranty remains valid. Don’t forget the renewal date and terms of your contract. Many companies will not notify you of an upcoming renewal because they are scared notifying customers will remind them to cancel and they are hoping you will forget. Make sure you continue to use your system, don’t let it become an expensive and ineffective paper weight. You pay for the system, don’t let it only provide a false sense of security. It defeats the purpose of having an actively monitored system if you are not doing your part we encourage you to utilize interactive features such as, remote access, mobile alerts, geofencing features, and streaming video. After all of this, if you want to continue your education in home security explore our Learning and Resource Center for more. Are you planning to move to Georgia aka “Peach State”?If yes, you would be surprised to know that Georgia is ranked among the top states for business and careers CNBC, and is a great destination for retirees looking for a tax friendly place to settle Chicago Tribune. But every coin has two sides. Did you know that Georgia is home to some of the most crime ridden cities in the nation?Forbes Magazine has ranked Atlanta, Georgia, in its list for “top dangerous cities” in the US. So how are you planning to keep your home and family safe from crime in Georgia?Installing a home security system is a recommendation.

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Clicking on the residential plans we expected to see choices between various levels of home security systems and services available, and the cost of each, like we do on many other home security websites.

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